"Process 002"

Eliyah Mesayer

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YEAR : 2016

MATERIAL : Hahnemühle Archival Fine Art Paper 285g

SIZE : 42 x 59 cm - 50 x 70 cm - 110 x 150 cm

EDITION Limited to 25 - 10 - 5 


This body of work is a series of portraits, portraits of a alchemical process. 

Eliyah Mesayer introduces this series titled "PORTRAITS OF A PROCESS".

These prints are curated editions of the process photographed just before the colors disappeared. A glimpse of a translated and transformed work inspired by the Alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan, Geber, c. 721 – c. 815. 

It's a recreation of a alchemical process of different silver reactions so these print are digitally scanned after being developed. Therefore these editions are photographed portraits of the process and only exist as photographed prints, at the perfect moment when the various colors chemically appears.

Together with STOLEN MOMENTS it's the future mission to exhibit Eliyah's incredible work and talent to the contemporary art world.



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